Edilizia Falco is a construction company specialized in countryside real estates as villas restorations at the higher end of the market. Operating mainly in Umbria and Tuscany, we personally select all properties and take care of our clients throughout the purchase and restoration processes.
Our aim is to create a cultural experience.

“Umbria is no ordinary place.
Umbria is a noble land that is, at its core, also the salt of the earth.
A high Etruscan civilization thrived here in pre-Roman times, erecting great cities and creating precious works of art before the first bricks were laid in Paris or London.[…]One of the magical qualities of Umbria is that this is a place where a casual dinner can still feel like a life-altering experience”.

Anthony Faiola, Washington Post

“The Umbrian countryside was built as a work of art by a sophisticated people: this is the characteristic, the main stretch that has fallen over the centuries in the design of the fields, in the architecture of the Umbrian houses. It is amazing how these people have built their rural landscapes as if they had no other concern than beauty”.

Henri Desplanques